At ETP Sourcing we provide a wide range of services from Sourcing and Product Development, Design and Branding services as well as Factory Auditing and Quality Control. If you are trying to bring a product into the challenging but lucrative Chinese marketplace, we offer complete and tailored assistance in this area. Read more about our services below, and please contact us at any time so we can start helping your business grow.

Product Development & Sourcing

blueprint lightbulbUsing only trusted manufacturers we provide you the best price, product and quality within your time frame. We have over a decade of experience in China sourcing products ranging from children’s toys, clothing and fabrics, novelty gifts and much more.

Visits to China to manage your orders are time consuming and expensive. Searching for new suppliers and manufacturers without reliable local knowledge can often be frustrating, fruitless and risky. ETP offers a safe and trusted solution for your business.

At ETP, we recognise that the two main sourcing issues facing every business are quality and price. With Mandarin speaking Western staff on the ground in China, we focus on delivering the best possible product within your target budget.

Looking after your company’s best interests in China, we keep your product development activities on track and in safe hands.

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Manufacture and Quality Control

blueprintETP has long term partnerships with European businesses enabling them to meet their manufacturing and quality standards.

We understand the issues facing day-to-day control of manufacturing in Mainland China and are dedicated to helping you overcome them.

Through our extensive experience and unequalled local knowledge, we operate a streamlined service that provides you with a single port of call for factory audits, manufacturing services, quality control and delivery. We know that having your product delivered on schedule and meeting all the standards and requirements of your market is what matters to you.

Utilising this services allows you to concentrate on your day to day business activities while being represented in China and Asia Pacific by a competent team of experienced professionals with only your best interests at heart.

We are here to answer your questions and offer advice at any time.
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China Import, Clearance and Buyer Services

Database tableThrough years of tried and trusted business practices, ETP is ideally placed to help bring your brand and product to the China marketplace.

Using our network of contacts, our locally registered and operated company, and over a decade of local knowledge, ETP can help you tap into the vast, lucrative markets of China, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Macau.

Our range of services includes:

  • Buyer Finding and research/ Due diligence
  • Market Research
  • Market Entry budgeting
  • Advertising expenditure
  • AQSIQ clearance and certification for Mainland China
  • Knowledge in accessing Asia Pacific region markets
  • Order management and Supply Chain Management
    • Shipping solutions through our trusted partners
    • From collection at your production facility to the buyer’s warehouse
  • Secure local contract and payment management methods for your maximum protection

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