ETP Sourcing Limited was founded with a simple goal: to help all businesses, regardless of size, trade safely and efficiently with factories and suppliers across Asia Pacific and globally.

Irish and British owned and operated, we have been doing just that since 2008. We provide a one-stop service for trade solutions, including product sourcing, R&D, QC and export.

ETP is a trading company registered in both Hong Kong and China Mainland, giving you total transparency and security when trading with Asia.

With our head office is in Beijing, we have bilingual staff and partners across Asia and Europe.

Our goal remains simple: to provide all our clients, both large and small, with a safe, value added, quality assured means of doing business.

David Jamieson White
Production Director, Asia Operations

dwh headshot1With over 17 years experience in the Asia Pacific region, David speaks fluent Mandarin and has been involved in Research and Development, Product Development and Manufacturing Operation Management for multinational corporations in Asia.

Dave is keenly aware of the need for the highest quality, maximum output and the most cost effective ways of achieving these goals. His knowledge of international trade has developed through the years by consistently importing and exporting products.

David is constantly developing connections throughout his network of contacts around the world expanding from his home country in Britain and his adopted country of China, throughout Europe and the Americas from Brazil to Canada.

Shane O’Neill
Accounts Director, EU Operations

son headshot1

Born and raised in Ireland, Shane has been working in Design, IT and Product Development for over 20 years, advancing in multiple industry sectors including tourism, online recruitment and product design. Shane lived in China for close to a decade, being a prominent member of the Irish Community in Beijing from 2006-2015. As well as co-founding ETP Sourcing Limited during this time, he supported multiple startups and non-profits, including the Irish Network China and the annual St. Patrick’s Day Charity Ball.

Shane relocated back to Ireland to manage ETP’s European operations and business development. He has both the resources and insight to help navigate you through the sourcing and development process. Along with extensive knowledge of the manufacturing and sourcing industry, Shane brings with him a hands on approach to client relations.

Kelin Shi
Quality Control Engineer

Working in Kelin headshot1coordination with the wider team, Kelin is an invaluable resource to ETP Sourcing for factory visits and quality control services. Together with his drive to ensure consistent quality and maintaining our customers’ standards, he has an unrivaled work ethic and personable approach.

A native-Mandarin speaker, Kelin is also fluent in English, and helps us provides real-time video reporting from the factory floor, while overseeing the work of a number of our regional partners, giving us greater reach and security. We have been delighted to welcome Kelin to the team and his work over the years speaks for itself.

Peter Chen

Quality Control Manager

Meet Peter, our seasoned Quality Control Manager at ETP Sourcing Ltd. With over two decades of dedicated experience, Peter stands as a pillar of expertise in managing QC teams and optimizing production processes. He’s a driving force behind our commitment to delivering top-notch quality to our customers. Peter’s extensive background includes forging strong partnerships with factories, ensuring that our production outcomes consistently meet and exceed customer expectations.

Having been an invaluable part of our ETP family for over a decade, Peter’s passion for quality assurance continues to elevate our standards and drive innovation. His meticulous eye for detail and unwavering dedication make him an essential asset in our mission to provide excellence in sourcing solutions.

Helen Wang

Trade Manager

Helen is our dedicated Trade Manager with a knack for seamless order management. As a pivotal link between our the management team and our partner factories, Helen’s role is to ensure that every aspect of your order is meticulously handled. She excels in clarifying production terms, outlining precise timelines, and ensuring that all orders remain on track, while also bringing her own extensive network of trusted factory partners.

With her keen organizational skills and exceptional attention to detail, Helen is commitment to keeping things running smoothly and efficiently. Her work helps set ETP Sourcing Ltd. apart in delivering a superior client experience.

Gao Shan

Supply Chain Sustainability & Compliance Advisor

Shan GaoShan has extensive knowledge and insight into global supply chain carbon emissions, product carbon footprinting and GHG Scope 1, 2 & 3, Shan is a driving force behind ETP’s commitment to maximizing productivity and efficiency while making a positive impact on the environment. Leveraging her specialist knowledge in EU sustainability regulations and targets, Shan also assists the company in navigating complex regulatory frameworks, ensuring adherence to EU compliance standards and fostering sustainable practices throughout the supply chain.

With a deep understanding of environmental issues and experience in multiple industry sectors, Shan’s invaluable contributions help us achieve our goal of contributing to a greener, more sustainable future.